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"Good Side, Bad Side" (1998)

Bogus Mayn lyrics - Crucial Conflict

Can't help to be bogus mayyyynnnnn!
Comin' from the C-H-I
We hollarin' Flict
Can't help to be bogus mayyyynnnnn!
Comin' from the C-H-I
We hollarin' Flict

[Verse 1:Coldhard]

I don't know 'bout y'all
Betta best be down for mine
givin up that alcohol
Phatter game now he turned a little tricky
so it's comin' handy
What's your mind
I'm down with 4 down to smoke who provoke
Talkin' 'bout bankin' ho
Universal slankin' ho
Sip Pelle con boom(????)
I'm wired up
Goddamnit got they side up
Wasn't down for they hood mayn
throw your side up
Through original bogus'n
Where the souls lead
they have no business
Stayin high like a ???????
With power from No Limit
Peep the town bitch
Cuz' we Conflict
for infinity
Best to give it up
or get your ass cut
Lord they send off buckwild
From the suburbs to the public housin'
This real no mouthin'
The middle mobs in thousands
Come and visit


[Verse 2:Wildstyle]

Can't help it I'm bogus
Feel like fuckin' my worst up
With danger one in the chamber
Strangers in the skies
never thought from within a nigga wanna hang ya
It's hard to hold my ground
I'm down for mine niggas around the way-a
In every hood they spray-a lay-a down straight fuckin neighbors
I was born to go for mine
Once upon blayzin' hay up
I was gettin buckwild with an all up crowd
It shattered this time no break
A window shattered grabbed my matic it's havoc
no hesitator
Lay ya before I lay ya parlay ya
Wouldn't wanna be ya see ya later
Let'em come out these clowns are perpatrators
Because a nigga had to hate ya
Bend 'em up just like a stapler
My nature straight takin' humanity
You mad at me
You gonna get bucked aint givin a fuck whats up
What you gon' do
Can't help it to be bogus


[Verse 3: Coldhard]

I tried to change my life from all this bullshit
This motherfucker comin' with they click
tellin' me what they gon' do bitch
You aint gonna be spookin' me that time
You aint gonna puff my damn line
Niggas aint stupid and gon' do no shit and
get the flict up outta mine
cuz' y'all was kickin' ass
But you know we had to bring some
Motherfuck this fun
Got us doin' this gangbangin' shit
but they don't want none
We the average psychotic bangotic
human hypnotic whatever you consider bitch
We 'bout it and got it
Roll 8 thick when we on the hard
4 niggas 4 down ass broads
Before niggas shit start
we piled his whole mob
Dropped is what he got
So I shot this gat popped
mob, nigga, fuck, I'll kill'em
Blast that cap peeler


[Verse 4: Wildstyle]

Wanna see these ugly blows
Waitin on some shit to kick up
goin' up on one of these bitches, niggas
up'em triggas
If it aint my click you can die
No shame in my game
We deep to sell
Fuck the jail get'em up
B's up betta ease up
And a nigga thinkin' I be trippin' I be slippin'
comin' atchya double with a big ol' pull pump
Since it aint no mo'
toe to toe let'em know how avenue niggas gonna throw
Can't rest it you dead
1-2-3-4-5 on your head
Knockin' it down if a nigga could wheneva' a nigga could
treat a nigga no good
Get rolled, fold, hang'em high
Nigga hit the floor break yo' self
Go loco on block, Ha
Sell the dope that finna make your heart stop
Motherfuck that punk he should a had his strap
Ride off let'em fell that real funk
Don't sit come equip' let rip on the script
I down with click bang with the click
hang with the flict
Can't fuck with this
rushin', no touchin this
Straight bustin' shit


Scummy lyrics - Crucial Conflict


You know it's time to get 'em on
no doubt about it we gettin' scummy
You know we get 'em up early but we got 'em scummy [2x]

[Verse 1: Never]

You know it's time to get 'em on, early in the morn'
leavin' 'em scummy, tried the ground's rollin' on
take it to the dome, lick 'em up like billy jumpin' passin' baby
I'm fired up, just got up, so what up, shoot'em up on the 8 flow
twenty if yo to the left, 6-8 I'm still fresh,
55 steez I turned express, in the motel, well again
problem son a fiend of Henn pump it up at the hang out
I'm about to begin
Scummy, mummy, I'm about to get my money,
Who got some on it, on the real I'm on, comes home with me
Trippin' out with my homies, just chillin' with Tenderonies
No question, we gots to get 'em on, no if's, and's, or what's about it
No Diggity, No Doubt it's a must and plus I'm just Bout It
Shoutin' Scummy, 1-2-3-4 Rodeo in the door kickin' Conflict
All in the lick for the dub see, world wide scumminess
Cause I know ya.....


[Verse 2: Kilo]

Kilo be scummie mayn, hustle grounds, wit' a Mack maintain
Wagon rollin', posse swolen, hustle keep that potent game
Blowin' thru that wild style punk in the trunk
Watch all the flict get, get swayed,
do ya thang, thang, movin' past it, keep drivin' me crazy
Try to phase me, please understand it
I was raised on cornbread and yams man
sick a, sick a country jams, nut graded pick is what I am
Gotta deal wit' it or kill it skillie
Bitch or no chasin', watch 'em fill it
So steal, you off your square playa, give it up
phone your spirit
You know how your hustle be on, like Perignon
Can't wait for the party to come around
Wanna get buck get up on the babysitter
Get the trucks for the tight ass and then
Gitty up (alright), all day (all nite), all across the nation
When it's on (take 5), we gone (outside)
Universal vacation, scummy that is


[Verse 3: Cold Hard]

What's it be like, cause I'm never rest to die, pack for real
Canibus smell up in my gear,
gimme Q-tips so I can clean my ear,
hear, (what I'm gonna say), what I'm gonna say you just might fear
Leave 'em in bitch said free this year
Everyone toss up Dubs a tear, appear
(to be nice), to be nice, the scummy live
We Gitty up hollar Flict, laughin' bout song that we did
(doodle-oooh), Who hoggin'?
Give me a squeeze
You know it's time to get'em on, early as it is
(Scummy!) Is what the playa's say
When they bendin' thru the keg
Got a head fo' any kinda hay
And wait can't Duoble Williams way, hey Randy
It don't matter, all them fine and dandy
Bend this block so I can stop at the barn and chief some from Sandy


[Verse 4: Wild Style]

Party over here, it's time to shower, the place dried up,
cause I just got paid, comin' thru the door where Johnny may,
in a bar criss cross Allisade, feelin' hip y'all known as gitty up
And throw my city, from the North to the South to the East to the West
Get scummy and the dope gon' tear it up
With the boldest crew bringin' down yo' roof
Still hollarin' that Flict
Make another brother ball up in a minute bring it to him
Steady runnin' thru ya crew, dumpin' up in 'em, in 'em
and break 'em off right quick
Any time right now, I'm tweaked to the beat
Fallin' asleep, up in the party meet, body heat
Tryin' to move my feet to the beat gitty up wit' a freak
Still know my P's and Q's, if you snooze ya lose
Wait a minute, what's up fool?
Slow down, before there be a Showdown
No disrespect but you brothas know the rules
It's cool, we could get our swerve on
Strokin' on, the illa of a killa
For real-a, when my ace go boom
Bump in a barn, hit 'em wit' a smoke alarm
No harm

[Hook (to fade)]

Roll Somethin' lyrics - Crucial Conflict

I dont know bout y'all man
but im ready to get my motherfuckin smoke on
I want some of dat green shit, hell yeah,
Let's burn, all the ghettos, hey wassup kid?

[Chorus: Crucial Conflict]

Roll somethin, roll somethin
them niggas aint talkin bout shit
(bout shit, bout shit)
Roll somethin, roll somethin
just cause you just cant hang wit dis
(wit dis, wit dis, wit dis)

[Verse One: Wildstyle]

Yall niggas aint shit, nothing to fool with, we too swift
giddy up and get down all you niggas aint do shit
one rap down round two chop it off like cool whip(whip)
rowdy runnin rodeo can't ride
fronting in two clips shocking like shocker
evertime I pop you knock out the box, better move quick flick
comin out of the back in this motherfucker
yall disgusted bustas cant be trusted for nothing
fucking with this hillbilly wild westside
C-H-I-T-O-W-N and it's on for life
nothing nice, no ice, you chase
we fuckin niggas up across the nation
wit no lubracation dick is thick
and coming at them like Hitler (fuck you)
act like you dont hear me then,
wake up high we in your chin
we embursted with a curse and be worse
first and kick first now vice-versa
two feet first they kick first and worse
reimburse the winning cuz I'm first at somethin


[Verse Two: Never]

Put it on your ass motherfucker
we kill them up bad (kill em up bad)
Hold that one shit when you fucking with the flick
you was talking that shit but you couldnt last
bring to you hoes knockin down your door
tryin to knock some chunks out yo rump,
at night to the broad daylight
if you wanna gang fight droppin yall one by one,
coming at them with the quickness with the flickness,
gonna sign your death wish
cuz you gonna get dealt with,
slappin you hoes makin sure your eyes closed
take em out by mouth and blindfold
with the foot on your chest you know the rest nigga
got us pissed off die for mine, raise up get blazed
anyways get sprayed your laying in the grave,
pop em, drop em, re-cock em,
then squeeze them we deceased to be the defeated,
repeat em and treat em like read em rights
I aint finna brag but the man cant hang
with the bogus man
treat like a punk ass trick,
put a row gonna be closed casket
serious nigga fuck that laughing
try to fuck with us we be blasting, smashin


[Verse Three: Coldhard]

Buck buck, pump pump, drop drop,
we drop, bluck, hit you wit da teck
what da deck? run up your debt wit no sweat and we dont regret
disrespecting your click,
fuck you bitch, pull out the shit that got yo dangling
picture with a nigga now hangin figure let you big up (?)
got me strapped in, bust a cap, but I'm warnin ya, dont want none
start shit that you just cant finish,
be the end, and the family ended
sorry it gotta be this way but I'm sick get a gangsta plate
so now i got a rodeo, one warrant then blow me up, up, up
and away, with my team it aint no thang,
spoil your dreams, a murder theme
we dont want any crap, I'm bounty clean,
snatch that hoe and take them dividends
I mean I'm gonna fuck you, what can i do about me? Hennessy
you inferior to the new king what you hollerin? a silent scream


[Verse Four: Kilo]

Come, (Come) ride her ass and cum(?) and be up
send the same aint buy not shit where motherfuckers came from
(????) shit that can get you straight knocked the fuck out
knowing you a bitch, a person,
just stop cursin' thats why I'm refrainin from hurtin yo ass
punk nigga,trick nigga, bitch nigga, fag,
say somethin smart and watch you get tagged
wit a motherfuckin bat,
who got so scared when soem tellin yo ass nigga
act like a bitch start to cry (?) ready supplies,
get em rawhide fight to the death and I won't be denied
your life like Pete's eye
mother fucker on rye them thangs'll die,
touch me I'm alive, why set yo ass to fire bitch (?)
snap off your two nuts right quick
niggas aint talking bout nothin slick
and shit to deal with, roll somethin

[Chorus 2x]

2 Bogus lyrics - Crucial Conflict (feat. Three 6 Mafia)

[Hook: X 4]
We bogus bogus and mafia!
Say what?

Stand tall when this shit jump off
Better back back down
Got a wild wolf pack attack
We'll body snatch em, crack em
Detach and smack em
Run from the gun finna have you some
Spin em around ready to drown em
Missin arm leg leg arm head they found em stankin
Cuz he wasn't ready for the wild gankin
Blindfold execution style
Certified straight lunatic bucked
Good county bounty rowdy better be audi
Bangers fulla anger, step into my chamber
Oh I'm finna hang ya, rodeo ranglers
Ride, east coast west coast
In the middle, down south, 2 bogus
Hypnotized Minds with the Conflict bumpin
Your trunk and we steady dumpin

[Crunchy Black]
It's a motherfuckin stick up
Giddy your shit up
Three 6 finna tear the motherfuckin club up
Crucial Conflict, click I roll with
Better get a bitch, war and straight gun up
Gimme that money, ain't shit funny
Fuckin with a motherfuckin nigga from down south
Nigga think I'm ?tray? hoe I ain't ?tray?
Find this gun in your motherfuckin mouth, test me baby
If you think I'm playin, proof test me baby
If you know what I'm sayin
Got a couple motherfuckin niggas over here prayin
Got a couple motherfuckin niggas over here layin
Face down in the ground hopin dead they live
You ain't Mafia, you don't know the deal
Representin Memphis to the fullest and I got my gat
But it ain't where you from it's where you at
I'm in the golden, nigga

[Hook X 4]

Well if your city's hardest
Man have you seen the lives I feel that I have lived before
Paid to do my same life
Hopin I don't get dropped bogus for nothin I do
Smoke Hay like them playas back in the 50's, it's a new
We in the cell too
We could get clink claks and thousand suits
Lizard boots, a ring or two
How you move to the blue, how you call us crew
Fool, be cool what's cool, you snooze you lose
Me and my down south niggas rule
Fuck the other nigga, we pay dues too

[Juicy J]
This goes out to all my niggas
Flippin cheese and countin figures
Put your boy up in the picture
Knowin I wanna be down with ya
Memphis niggas, Chi-Town niggas
Clicked up like notorious killas
Never focused, always bogus
Blunts and guns is all we totin
Constantly rollin, constantly rollin
Tight on white but weed I'm smokin
Every corner playas postin
Eyes are red from dope we chokin
All your hoes they blowin kisses
Pay attention to our pimpin
Flict, Nino, and the Juice
We tear the club up thugs and bitches

Bone solid! Cuz papa was a rolling stone
Gotta get em on and it's on but in the terror zone
Havin visions of glistens my posse ridin
Dippin in my stridin
Never slippin, just slidin, canivin
Bogus bogus nigga hopeful
Got that mossberg
Send the word, Kilo
Not because the mac spittin potent dope
And this overdose, comatose
We gon rush and drain your mind
It's a Conflict in the ghetto
And we livin in crucial times

[Hook X 4]

[Lord Infamous]
Scarecrow is frozen, not frozen and cold
We the cold terrorists, we have entered this city Chicago
Cruical the Conflict the Memphis streets is
Now you niggas know you can't break (..?..)
I'ma let this mob take off
Won't stop until I knock it off
The left fill it up till it wet and erupt
Erupt like muggin my type busta
Come get up in the middle of an inner city riddle
Wanna fill a figure up, and not just a little
Feel my force, of course you're hoarse
>From the rusty point of Scarecrow's sickle
Stabbin up thorugh the ?vouches?
Lord Infamous shock absorbin
I'm squishin like project roaches
Cuz we be the niggas 2 bogus 2 bogus

Smile for the bullhorn the alarm to run
Gun got me so gone hit em son
We the number one young gun
Hold em up or fold em up son no love for none
Run up and get done punk
Hit em up jump straight bucked
When it dump it come bullet'll thump ya junk
It's on fool pull the wrong move
And soon lose ya like Lucifer
In the middle make a fool of ya
Ruin ya nigga choose and get abused ya crushed
Huh? Where ya nuts son?
I got Chicago straight Chicago
98 shit figured up on John Doe
In the roll no flow peepin at all
Close to coast close to crawl
Bump em all, put em in shock
Cuz ya can't walk or walk
If ya know who the boss, pack it up
Ya lost, say what?

[Hook (till fade)]

Let It Go lyrics - Crucial Conflict

Sometimes you gotta let it go
certain situations you're facin' will make your head explode (ahha ha) [x2]

being in this game ain't no joke
plenty brothas on the street straight get smoked
people wearin them folks
its straight up bump to the grind
we drop and it seem like it aint gon stop
growin up around gang bangers, feinds that'll make you scream,
is on the scene, us that make ya cane
it was fun at first, now i pass
i was trippin with the game, but the game dun got to bad
them boys lockin us up left and right
im down with the cause, uphold the law
it begins at birth, from which I draw
and everybody wanna be the man with the quick hand
but the big man un-organized
up in them thangs, blowin our brains
close your eyes picture how you might die
sippin up the 'dro, livin in the g-e-double-t-o
comin outside sometimes im strapped
knowin that somebody might try to pull my brains and my life
wanna take me out
it's the life we live for, we kill for
when you get pushed to the edge of the ledge
and fusion all I hear is music

Faceless Ones lyrics - Crucial Conflict

I'm catching feelings that somebody watching me
Tapping on my phone when I'm all alone (ain't got no privacy)
Trying to bring me down so I look around
Let me see your eyes, coming in disguise all in my mind
Trying to set me up for the kill, better be careful who I let ride
Where you know me from, I never seen you no day up in my life
Is you in my closet, under my ?bedroom floor and stalking?
Right next to me, plotting, watching
Trying to break up in my pockets, got me cautious
He might be stalking coming up the alley walking
Looking at me ride off and then roll up
Everything got through, telling all my bidness
Want to see me fall apart, take away my life sending me to prison
Maybe cause my religion (I'm having wicked visions)
Everybody coming up missing and he got my mind tripping


You'd better watch out for the faceless ones
Because they might be coming for you [2X]

It's something missing in this picture, can't make out no clear description
Reception peeping on deceptions, seeking that evil luck, out to get ya'
Who plotting, who watching, who knocking you cause your you
But just like you, hopping I'm hopping
Gotta do what I gotta do if it is true
I'm clocking faceless ones, you might think you know one
When you don't know the faceless ones, I'm gonna be looking for 'em
Can't get away from none, they don't make 'em none to be
Trying to knock you straight off your feet
Playing games in the background, I'm beat
But you know what you sow you reap
What go around come around times three
Wait, hold on, we gone within deep
Death is in me, got him in my sleep
Nightmares, making me go deep, I stares looking up to see
Be aware, cause they on the creep playing for keeps
No sheets for the faceless ones


I think somebody trying to peep me out, what the hell is this about
Ain't got no trust but to be scared, this person might be in my house
Now, budged it and dropped something, got me thinking wrong doings
Thangs look strange in four or five spots, help me Lord please not so soon
Hell, I'm ducking now, don't know who might try to pow-pow
Pack it fast before I'm down, on the low, can't be around
A faceless one is plotting me
Could it be my neighbor thats thinking that his wife liking me
He stare at me, he's bound to be the faceless one
But I don't know, sometimes he don't even speak
Not just him, its too many, but he stay right next to me
So I had to take a peek, cause I'll be DAMNED if I sleep
I get it on cause I ain't weak, leave it alone, your past weak to blast me


Who dat' coming with the mac attack, attack of the mac
In the back with the sack from the front
Is is that freak that I met last week that offered me a blunt
(?) soon as I'm on and 'noid,
That seemed like our players and something end up being destroyed
I can't avoid this ain't my motto, don't help me from looking zoned
Cause a faceless one is a tasteless one casting them stones and going
Who put that patent on my seat, who that rat trying to steal my meat
Who that cat licking on my feet, (?)
Now buzzing something over my head is the cause and plot to take one
Trying to burn down the barn (?)
Going straight, and peeping game and moving moose horns
Have a demonstration, who dat, who dat racing
They chasing, car pacing, infiltration put it on my nation
Its the faceless one


Airplane lyrics - Crucial Conflict

[hook: repeat 2X]
Keep on taking me high, so high
If they say we fly, we fly
(Who dat?) Flict' and Do or Die
(Who dat?) Coming from the Chi

Bring in the bidness, shut em' down cause their raw
Making you feel this, two of the realest crews
Laying the rules, do you wanna get chewed up?
Shut em' down, one round, when we cruise up
Don't pop, one two, combination get a swift violation
Put it on my nation, hit em' high, low, murderistic flow
We can throw down, in the middle we clown

To all my homies locked down, you know I got the clip
I'm a pop 'em and drop 'em with two shot
Just sippin' and dippin', are you slippin' and trippin'?
Motherfucker we don't care who dropped on who block
You gotta ride on, you'd better say what motherfucking side you on
Never know what the Flict' and Do or Die be on
85 MPH

Finna' break all them fakes, in your face, demonstrate
Suckers never knew we ever get together on you tricks
Chop it like dope, take another year, better step back coming like lunatics

A.K the dope with the scope
And any motherfucker run up will get smoked
And any motherfuckers run up will get choked
Coming from the hood and we ain't no joke


True representation coming from the Chi, plenty much to deal with
Tell me could you feel this realness, feel the illness
(?) the world on the business, we live for thrillness
We still could steal this, let 'em really get to know the deal in this game
When you push up the price on your name, cause people cause the rain
Trying to get your message, just live off your vein
Keep blowing, flowing, glowing, now your soaring like a airplane
Flying through the sky
Steady keep on pimpin' and we thinking were Do or Die
Keep em' hot and horny and the canist they want a ride
If they say we high, we high

They say your bogus, you got the locusts
Can't hardly keep my focus, mentally I be the dopest nigga
Nigga been sippin' cypher with my six shot rifle
Tonights the night I take flight, I keep it hot like vipers so fly

I'm knowing your thinking were too zoned out, too blowed in the Mo' gone
But your all wrong, all we do is fly
We show floating on, still strollin' on, keep it strokin' on
>From the home of the C-H-I-C-A-G-O
Do or Die and Crucial on the airplane
Represent for the same thang, running that we claim, the bounce bang
Ring slang to the picture, should I wreck shop?
Airplane on the get up, what
You can't stop what you can't get up to touch
You wanna be down, be down where we stay up
Droppin' bombs bout' to blow up
Sure 'nuff it's a hold up on the airways
You're dazed, in the phase, gonna craze, got you crazed
Fly swayed cache, air tight take a flight off hay
On a comeup like airplanes


Westside hoodlum with spit shine toys, rhinestone playboy from Illinois
Chi' tiller, raw dealer niller, thuggin' posse like thriller, pop milli's
Push poles like Godzilla, still a villa filler gorilla

Check your mouth cause you know I'm 'bout scriller
Real motherfucker from the Chi, I'm a killer
For realer, gotta set a pound like a pillar
D double O-R-D-IE iller
Crucial Conflict, we be riding high, Do or Die keep your head to the sky
Belo-Zero gotta get me by, keep on getting me high, so high

Hiding in the house, P.D., like a fresh little momma
I'm a (?) like Piranah's, have em' harm you
Screaming, stealth bomber your honor
Yea, Do or Die and this Crucial Conflict's
Trying to accomplish in all this here drama
KILO! What it be like BELO, let em' know our steelo on the D-low

We getting so high worldwide universaly where we go
Really though want the dough niggeroe I
Double A in the air when I fly
B-E-L-O and the Flict' I be gettin' high, gettin' high gettin' high
Gonna take you on an airplane ride


Back Against the Wall lyrics - Crucial Conflict

Y'all motherfuckers don't want to do none [x2]

In the light never see a nigga like me, things collide inside
Open your eyes wide and see
Don't want none of G-A-D-E and Conflict
Load em' up and bust a (?)
Vietnam, we droppin' bomb shit, strapped do draw
Ready to brawl, back against the wall, us against all y'all

I'm ready to brawl at all times,
don't give a fuck who I'm up against
As long as I can take everyone in my circle
If you really wanna know, nigga most peronal
My reason for treason is bread, so even when I said I love my gauge
Watch the rage that I pull, finna' unleash this cage
I'm comin' out with full intentions,
be takin' these niggas to other levels
Bringing drama like Physco, going through cycles
Every trip that I take be suicidal living like Waco
So I'm down to ride, down to do whatever, whenever, the weather
Look I could not really care, on another page, through the blaze
I'm 'a get at em'

Nasty, come and get mashed
You wanna up gats, you'd better be strapped
Ain't got time to change em' my my mind is finally made up
Thinking just fuck em' all up
Pop with the glock, on spot, if it's hot, I got a two-shotter pump
Just to get a nigga bumped and put up in the trunk
If you wanna get tough enough, you get bucked, blast
Put him on down and out, wildin' out done got you shot
Should have been down to put a rock in your sock
But your sock got a whole, and I'm on cocked
Back with the sack in the rodeo pack
Get back, I make a nigga get slapped in the face with the gate
I'm 'a let the cult demonstrate
The conflict gettin' crucial when the raw be killing em'

Come thirsty nigga
Punks be denied, ready to ride,willing to die, feeling me now
Nigga get the right act in your mind
Nigga get the acts back in a row right
Act that jaw, to the right axe saw
Ain't no thang bigger, and I'm a' back em' all
Temptations trump tall, upskirts
Let em' deal with the hurt, quick fast ways

Take that motherfucker, it's Wildstyle
Take your weak ass niggas along, fuck Bone
Dissin' my home, sayin' we clone
If your ass want to battle, boy I'll take it to the chrome
That's right, my city gonna ride with the Flic', die with the Flic'
What you wanna get on, what's up?
Cut the bullshit, get em' with the bidness
There's gangbanging in my blood, no love
Get slugged, body drug through the mud, bring it on let's thug
Cause we comin', straight young gunnin', catching niggas running
Y'all motherfuckers don't want to do none

Bone killer, killer to the bone, I got that home address
Y'all niggas better leave it alone, this Raw Dope life or death


Any time or place let's go, down for the cause, strapped to draw
Ready to brawl, back against the wall, us against all
Y'all motherfuckers don't want to do none [x2]

Let's get bucked til' this bitch catch fire
Look a' here, we the rodeo riders, crucial colliders, crucial killers
(?) fighters, wild west-siders
You can't have the truth, the truth like liars
It's on tonight, so know
We having fun making highways on your crossroads, overload
The fuck E coming back in the form of the Messiah, tight like pliers
Cutting perfect wires, hide like Mayans
The reason they singing the blues is cause these niggas need to retire
More of a musical wiser
So I advise you to get up and be done
Give me the bone, those motherfucking niggas really don't want none

Pop for the Wild-Wild, feel the buck, cook em' up pow-pow
Give it up for the Chi town, nigga watch out, get knocked out the box
Roll with the top-notch heat pop pop
For the plot and we dropping em'
Unstoppable, cocking em', leaving em' dead
When they lay in the land of the raw,
nigga what you seen, what you saw
The nigga 4 deuce stack em' all

Bringing the C-O-N-Flict team from R-E-N-E-G-A-D-E's
Got four others now and take everything you own
Now as serious as I am, why am I so serious now
Cause it's been no time for games playing around wastin' your life
Quit talking crap and pullin'
Pussy gonna get you killed if you don't use it
Got go-getters, plenty missles, stop em' drop em' and I'm wishing
Who that fucking with your eyes
Got you blind to the fact that it's us against all, back to the wall
Violent lessons jumping off unless you all to the raw

It's the bull and the rope and I'm making you choke
Travel the world with us people and folk
Tell us go watch everywhere that we go
But we still keeping it dope yo'
Niggas just bark for some Kibbles and Bits
Niggas don't know about this lyrical shit
?Life or death?, Renegades, Realer and Flic'
Coming through your town and killing your clique


I'm a hit a nigga up so truly gooly, he wouldn't understand it
Recognize me in this shit as a chief I said
And run up to me with your shit, go on and do it, cause I would
Fuck this motherfucking status shit, I'm bringing the goods
And tempting their manhoods, to think they could even fuck with me
Call me Coldhard (?), busting shit from 'cross the street nigga
Throw all my cards to box with 'em
Cars are still deep but your sound was still illing
What the fuck, you niggas think I'm chilling cause I'm calmed and cool
So perhaps I'll bust on one of you stupid ass niggas for being a fool
Stroll through, I'm heated
Them gats combusting rapid at your whole crew
Get called for disaster cause we strapped and let the dogs loose
Hit the main man with the deuce, for the high tech shit fucked up
With Flic' now its on with you, you scared, ? out your ? in bed
Sissy ass nigga we really ain't done shooting the lead
Split your cabbage to the red for fucking with us
Now we sick in the head nigga

By all means, it really don't stop, stay out the dark
Keep messing get marked
Face to face I'm 'a check them phonies
That don't want none trying to diss my homies
Roll and rocker creeping through your city
Bone crusher when I slap you silly
Bone rusher when my mac milli catch a toe tag for touching my billi

Who the fuck want some drama, I'm a' slice 'em up, dice 'em up
I'm 'a cut their head off then neck
I'm feel like I spent twenty years down in Tibet
Rumbles, give me red ass knuckles, knuckles hit his eye like buckles
Buckles keep 'em spit like Ruffles
Fuck it, like a must we buck it


I'm Bout to Explode lyrics - Crucial Conflict


I'm bout to explode
I don't know when I'm gonna go, I got so much been on my mind
Every time I look around, I try to prevent going down
From locked up or even dying

I can dig the problem
I can see whats going on, its a fucking warzone
With the thieves in the hood don't look good
Never ever thought she could jump off like that now
O.G.'s done backed down, you eased a step down
Everybody wanna have the crown
Every breath you benefit the sin
We gonna have to keep fighting them mugs within
Now it is killing before whats killing you niggas that started out friends
You win, the wrong for what you doing
You need to start snatching, kick out the mob
Can't show no love at all, don't even turn back
Anyway homie wasn't all that
If he was real he wouldn't even have caused him that
I hum to Allah, I'm wanted by far, and he disinfected that
So long I been known, don't think its the law in the loves of loves
In a positive demonstration
That we could never conquer shit and defend no more


High-Tech young niggas with a little scratch, could be richer
Hustling to make enough to buy the shit I need
Like a bag of weed, I was blind now a nigga see everything
Brothers strapping up on this thang, timing's off, feel the pain
Let the hood done laid out, shits way out, no way out
Murder to the lunatics, them the tricks that was talking that shit
Took the test to the brain, rip em' off, vest off, pull the mask off
Smoke that bitch, what a mess
I suggest, we suggest, fuck each other up
Look into the mind of a Flic' born westside
Mount Sainai in the flesh bless my
Niggas with the bottle, get the top
Then pour out the back door when its war
Armor to your brothers stay clean
Watch your back young brothers I mean

My hood is burned up, and burned up is my hood
We ?kicked bout' a foot?, don't own a hood
I took too much then too much, now I don't know where to turn
Or who it may concern, life and death all I've learned
I've earned my respect in the hood, but the shiesty still pulling moves
You a man for the man, thats another point he was trying to prove
Got your own mind, might as well use it for yourself
Cause you'se your own man to the right, to the left, all is well
And it's one thing I believe in, don't ever leave and retrieve
Killers jumping off by the evenings now
97' just another hunting season
Niggas in it 6 feet deep and no reason dying freely


Back in the days on Chicago Avenue, (?)
Niggas used to bang for the kicks to slang cain
Hustle and rain pain niggas
Once there was a little brother who ruled across the street with his crew
Fast pacing everyday, facing murder situations
Gang affiliation makes you kill a nation
Take another life a day, smoking, hoping just to get away
Put it in the raw, I'm 'bout to go boom
Y'all can't help but to talk, it's us against the law
That shit backing people off from the gator alley in the whole
I don't know where the hell to go
Cause my life is like a pack of (?)
Having brothers capping, it's a free for all in my motherfucking hood
And it ain't good, if I got to die for my Flict' then I would
Every day is numbing
If you didn't count your blessings boy then you really should
Until the final tic 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 out


So much shit on my mind
I can't find the time to free myself from going down
Best to antici-pains and pressure, no lesser than human situations
Erasing, ruin doing time in the mind
Like to wild em' down, bullets flying, mommas crying, niggas lying
Reason for the rhyme let the spirit climb
You thinking different, defending for the real of it
Flic' in this forever, finally letting in Chicago, tear a little
Never on a pedastool, want to jump up off it then let it go
Easy it's about to blow, like how much longer can I go
How many situations before I just go below, catch up with my funeral
Caught up and brought up in it into dimensions
The feeling like I can't take it no more
The mission is dealing with pressure
Pressure is the death certificate and that will get cha'
Wet cha', leave you on a stretcher, I bet cha'
He shook off and looking for shelter
Help a man and give a helping hand, stand by the plan
Struggle the daily double, double trouble the mold
I redoubled the O in the roll, let it go then explode


Ghetto Queen lyrics - Crucial Conflict (feat. R. Kelly)

Crucial Conflict come out and play hey come on
Crucial Conflict Kelly and Rockland collabo'
Funny faces is all I see
At my place you on top of me
Playin' strip poker sippin' Cristi'
I grip your shoulders you sqeeze the sheets
I'm admirin' your heart shaped booty
Nothin' in your oven baby feed me now
Who's is this who's is this who's is this
Who's is this who's is this who's is this
My ghetto queen
1 - You're my ghetto queen
Right around the way from me
Watering those ghetto trees
We be high just like them weeds
Might be ghetto but you queen to me
That's how it's suppose to be
Do whatcha gotta do for me
Forever fulfill your fantasy
When you think of me, have your cream
Everything my team must to do one thing
You're the meanest queen on the scene
Make a player 'fien and be havin' dreams
For real, it's real as it seems
You bring the trees, I'll bring the B's
Begin to freeze on to me, you can scream to please
Plus I'm ready now, take a stand, got me on Rockland
I can be your freaky man, you can climb in, suck a 10
Want some ends? You outta there
No more funny face, put you in your place
Come be the dinner, I'm a bring a plate
She's my ghetto girl in her own world, she's a queen
Queen of all things, for that I mean she's Spring
Personality rings bells in my dreams
Night to dawn, light spread tight, let's swing
Grip it in motion, wet coastin' with a little bit of ridin' rough
Up and down we stroke, strokin' puttin' things in her pocket is fat
But watch her stay cool, calm and collected
Flexin', check it, never was on that stressin'
Cuz she bring that hay for the day, what a blessin'
Right around the way from me
This ghetto queen got up with a king
Keep it clean and in essence
[Repeat 1 x2]
Where the players live
Have to deal with the Macks
Like the traps in the concrete jungle
Life's a safari in the mornin' huntin'
In effect, your pulse beatin' like bongos
We be like this, gettin' high
Ghetto queen you look so delightin'
Heard your body callin', callin' me, baby
Tellin' me to rodeo ride it
Don't fall off, hold on
Get your roll on, step aside, hugged her back
She swore she wouldn't do me, need your loyalty
You're makin' me wantin' to snap
I know your man is mad as hell
Cuz it to a player and I did it well
And I added one more for the road, to let 'em know
Kilo weigh heavy on the scale, mmm
Dedicated to my ghetto queens in jeans,
That think they're mean
I'll massage you with whip cream
I wanna spread you legs and said you were my lady
Down with me, clown with me, fall to the ground with me
Lovin' how you sound when we get 'em off
Carry on to the dawn, give a dog a bone (lick 'em low)
Rodeo show, duckin' you, buckin' in the back of a Cadillac
Tell me if you want it like that (let's bang)
Got me tweakin' Mary Jane, it's a hay thang
Me and you, everyday keep it high like flames (your game)
What's my name? What's my name?
It's Wyldstyle from Chitown, no shame
Me and the ghetto queen comin' up the main
Switchin' four lanes, to the airplane
Sky high we fly when we roll by
On the down low, doin' my thang man
[Repeat 1]
Crucial Conflict, Kelly, and Rockland, collabo'
Crucial Conflict, Kelly, and Rockland, collabo'
[Repeat 1 until fade]

"The Final Tic" (1996)

Final Tic lyrics - Crucial Conflict

[Hook x2:]

It's the final tic and here we go
Forget about them other styles
Conflict kicking rodeo

[Verse 1: Kilo]

Once upon a time
In the land of gang bang mentality
When we drop quick
Final tic clik
Fatality is reality
When the sunset
We blaze this hay
In the midst of a Conflict that's Crucial
Here we become bogus on the hunt
Notice how we speak this bump
If you wondering what is rodeo
For a different adventure
A journey to Chicago
Westside where the hood lie
'95 bound, we talking bout shit
Of a different plane
Secret loan hear we bang
The rooting tooting shooting maniac
Banging gats blunted high
The gat going up tonight giddy up
We copping that game at the drop of a dime
Cause really where I'm at
Scandalous, peeping the foes
You gotta know the signs
Load 'em up fast time running out
Turn 'em in turn 'em round
For the Conflict
If youz a snitch you betta get a grip
And come equipped for the Final Tic


[Verse 2: Cold Hard]

You know again it's on in the motherfucker
Still riding, my style is based on rodeo
Crucial Conflict what they hollering
They spooky now nigga let's turn it on
Fuck it burn shit
Let's fight till we hear that final tic
Kill till we kill each other clik
Bitch, you was talking crazy
But now we finish up your damn mouth
Send your bitch ass back down south
Let you know that your ass out
Niggas playing these games like a lame
Get they ass whipped
Beat up and slapped around
Broken legs twisted hips
Two eyes shot two busted lips
Teeth knocked out two busted whips
Bloody body up for gives
That's the life you chose to live
Now what's up wid that tough shit
I knew your ass was just a bitch
Drop you down just like a bomb
And you got the Final Tic

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Never]

Nigga this the final tic
Calm bitches done made him mad
Bust a cap and jump back and it's on
And I'm gone and got a damn thing to say
Push push and push one more motherfuckin' time
Fuck a bitch fighting ain't the same no more
So I got the stinking hoe
Push that bitch 6 under zero
Who to roll mile though for Chicago
Kicking down the door wid the rodeo
C-O-N-flict trigger happy got the bomb
Up in the barnyard
Smoking on hay everyday in the Chi-Town
Had you throw down wid rodeo fever
And we got our mind made up
Give a fuck what the next man say gotta make it
Let me get down and take it
To that other level, petty ride
Who doing the killing
Presuming to killing the villain
I'ma meet you on that other side
Born to kill a man gotta kill a man
Born to ride and ride and roll in thick
I'ma come on up so you betta get ready
For the last and Final Tic


[Verse 4: WildStyle]

This is the final tic
I didn't mean to show my ass hoe
But I can't be soft coming off nasty
Willing woulda killa nigga if you wanna
Make it out alive kid you might die
I could fuck up your homies
Everylast one a y'all is a free fall ah no
Dynamite all around me
In ten more seconds we all might be gone
Four tons a death
You can't escape the Conflict
Wid the rodeo when you explode
It's overloading the flow
If you know woulda known
Betta pray cause it won't be no more
Did you wanna be blindfolded
Pressure, all around make you feel it
I'ma villain I'ma kill it
Final tic tock quick
In the room and smoke it
Close you eyes and hold on tight
Don't try to fight it's on tonight
Bet a motherfucker now won't touch that mic
Cause he might get this dynamite
Grabbed your face trying to get away
Conflict done dropped the bomb bitch
Straight from C-H-I, we never die
You know I talk that final tic

[Hook x6]

Showdown lyrics - Crucial Conflict

[Threats, fighting, and drum loops in background]

Niggas laying down on the ground,
it's a showdown.
Don't you come around trying to clown,
it's a showdown.
Niggas laying down on the ground,
it's a showdown.
Don't you come around trying to clown,
it's a showdown.

Listen up all you damned dare varmints
it's finna be a showdown.
Better flee the scene
that's on the real,
better keep that head down.
Pick a bigger strap, better come equip
and don't trip cause I'm bout to let it loose.
Pullin' out a pocket knife
will get you snyped
and you know niggas is gonna have to shoot.
Could it be that I had the loot
in a mood for bustin' chickens
nigga thought he had him a sweet vic
but he had him a schizophrenic.
Better have that itchy for the homicide
aint no love, I'ma let it ride
now it's gonna be a showdown.
On the lowdown,
better stay inside
trippin' cause a nigga gonna die
if Billy Joe didn't tell that lie
he would still be in the barn.
Instead, he got buckshots in his right side.
Ms. Hay she cooked as punkin pie.
Gettin' high in the fuckin' barn
the showdown it was all good,
and I came home with that smokey gun.


Wait a minute,
hold up now,
who want confrontation.
Punk ass nigga, you run with a clique,
ha, I ride with a nation.
And I'm bustin',
not to mention I'm cappin' every nigga
on your deck, so don't sleep
to make you stifle.
Got a rifle with a scope,
you can't cope when the Conflict's on the creep.
You came to closed to the style partner
can't fuck with the rodeo.
Here we go, wild westside,
gitty up, move em out,
head for the hills
I'ma let it ride.
The trick didn't know about the gangbang boogie
'til it fell on the floor wit a ass full of lead.
No need for calling out your momma name now
son-of-a-bitch you dead.
On your mark,
get ready,
set trip,
I'm comin' wit a nine millimeter motherfucker
block bam,
my shit never jam.
Like a hoe you fold
when I stuck you snipin
off a building
gangbangin' is an everyday thing.
Runnin' down on a hoe down,
gotta low down,
it's a showdown,
nigga bout to go down,
slow down!


I'm just a bogus nigga
fuck that nigga next to me.
You get that ass dropped quick
never had no love
now you wanna challenge me.
Fuck yo chief
we got some beef.
When I die, it's gonna be a gang fight
I'ma be the nigga that take your life
pop your ass
say nighty-night.
Born to do some damage
I'll be damned if I let a motherfucker
even think he rough.
Blaze that bitch
and bust him up.
Pussy motherfucker I'ma take your stuff.
Shit is out of pocket man,
but all this shit is finna change,
cause when I come this time
I'ma show you a nine aint no joke,
I'ma kill you some more,
and show them fools Wildstyle aint no hoe.
And if I die we all gotta go
bad thing about it,
I don't give a fuck,
wondering what I'm livin' for
face to face with a nigga that I hate.
I'ma meet you on the hellground,
look you up in your eyes and spray,
smoke you in the showdown.


A motherfucker told me it was gonna be a showdown.
When I came around I was up for breakin' motherfuckers down.
Fuck it niggas wit it
let's rock the town,
flee on the scene,
now what's up baby.
Car full of niggas straight lookin' shady
came to loot
better have what you gone shoot,
cause we straight actin' crazy.
C-O-N Flict nigga
that's what it is when you tote them triggers
gangbangalistic father figure.
Daddy to the niggas that think they sucker,
It's a showdown,
not just my hood, but town from town
making motherfuckers recognize the flavor
coming from Chi-Town.
Be quick to draw
pick a nigga meat up out with a chainsaw.
Make a nigga see what he never saw.
Crucial Conflict comin' at you raw
for a showdown,
we don't play around.
Motherfuckers gone die
we gone kill 'em up pal.
Motherfuckers playing these damn games,
kill 'em up in the showdown.


Desperado lyrics - Crucial Conflict


Desperado. Can't help it. I just can't let it ride
wanted dead or alive.
Desperado. Gunsmoke makes me strive.
Bogus way of life.

Who the hero? Who the villian?
When I'm sterrin down the block
fools wanna try why
fly what they ridin'
on the tip of a rider slidin'
somebody gotta die
on the frontier.
Cruisin' but watchin' for a hit
cause the hood be on
shoot em up
everytime I look around
something goin' down buck buck
somebody got popped
stop drop
hollow point tips hard to dodge
when you lookin' down your enemies barrel
you wish your apparel was camaflouge
booyaw what you gone do now
I got my crew pal
and weese wrangla's
what I got in my chamber
will rearrange ya
goddang ya
will hang ya
death wish wanna play
under lasy under lay
can't help it when I spray
break out if you stay
you're gonna pay in a bogus way
I'll blow your skull hollow
now if you follow
that's your choice and you're
gonna feel sorrow
death hard to swallow
you rodent
here todasy gone tomorrow
shouldn't fuck wit a...


In the streets it's a game
niggas try to get a name
but ah,
I don't fuck with em
when I hit em with the shit to make em wanna
squash it,
watch it.
Ride off through the valley
leave em in the alley.
Stankin' bitch who gone trick
no witnesses
I rush the vic
two times in the shit.
I laid em, miss
he was acting like he had something
I got pissed.
No whif.
A nigga said that he was at you
what you gone do
strap up black hoody up and
bit the dust
a hard head make a soft ass,
so I'm gone blast.
Watch a motherfucker last.
Shoot it
don't baby food it
you got something nigga
you'd better use it.
Threatning a nigga with a gun
it aint fun
you caught one.
Three off from the back
gotta blow my guns
with a glock
make your ass stop.
Attack again
won't come back again
fuckin' him up like a bitch.
Bustin' at him quick
reachin' for your shit
try to get away from me
you getting hit
you dig.
Better move your kids
I'm at this nigga
and I don't wanna do it,
but I'm wanted
so fuck it
I'm ready to drop em
I got em.


Who can help but to be scandalous
cloned a vandalist
but aint havin' shit.
Boom. Buck. Buck.
Who's next to get fucked up.
gotta lot of rowdy niggas
wannt get your body stunk.
Steppin' in the middle of a motherfuckin' blizzard
where niggas are livin' and copin'
and rooftop scopin'
at ass
too fast
sufferin' succotash.
Quicker to bust and blast
take em up off the map.
Now you wonder why it's on
it's on,
cause a motherfucker didn't play like that.
Start the shit
the Conflict we attack right away.
To be exact
now you wanna squash it.
it's a rumble
only way we gone end it
when you on your back
kick off and ripped off
til shit aint attached.
Itch through the dirt
like a bitch bad with crabs.
Yee-Haw, Yee-Haw
Desperado rollin' out
I'm wanted for millions
for hanging up scabs.
Take that
bust off cannon then haul ass.
Bogus way of life.
But life get the last laugh
no chance to glance and dance.
Shit in your pants
your leavin' the land
hit your whole clan
with they guns in they hand.
Mission is finished
and victory flawless.


Gunsmoke from the Chi
never with a crew
and it's Flict and die.
Gotta' put em up
put yo hands up right now
I'ma snap
react and serve my pack
or punch a punk dumb
here I come
with the Flict
renegade and raw dope'll split
Come equip or get rip with
never dis
dat strap so what's next
we can get down
rumble or tuggle around
what you got
you gotta give it your all right now
or get piled with pow
you foul
we buckwild
get on up you got one false move.
It's Chi for now
we down to change the rules.
Buddy done got his nutty split
sent off a bit
now he got some conflict
got a thousand grams of mac
Wildstylian with Hiddian the Yak.
What else you need to justify trials of the Flict
cause the Flcit'll straight kick it off
somethin' proper dopper know you can't stop a
Steady mobbin' straight up knockin' you noggin.
Tell me what you got, I'm starvin'
bring it on nigga
you trigger happy
I'ma desperado.